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Genesee Candy Land & Fudge factory creamiest fudge ever

We did WHAT to Bacon??!!

That’s right. . . . we enrobe it in dark chocolate for the ultimate sweet and salty snack.

Oinks offers a hearty meat snack that also satisfies your sweet tooth, that is gluten free AND is only 90 calories. Where else can you find a snack that does all that?

What a fun, and memorable product line for customers who want to tap into their “wild” side. The back of the pouch shows the actual chocolates, so customers won’t ask if you go outside and collect the poop yourself (yes, they actually ask that!). Shelf life is 9 months.

Available in 4 oz pouches; 6 pouches per flavor minimum.

Genesee Candy Land & Fudge factory creamiest fudge ever

An all-time favorite…..homemade fudge. We offer 19 flavors that you can order in two sizes: 1/2LB pieces in plastic clamshell, and 6LB slabs you can cut yourself. Shelf-life: 4 months at room temperature or 1 year in the freezer (never the refrigerator please as it will dry out the fudge)

6 1/2LB pieces or 3 slabs minimum order.




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