In November and December, Lorri and Oinks Chocolate Covered Bacon Treats were featured on QVC TV. The products sold out immediately during each session, showing the popularity of the unique bacon and chocolate treats.


Read testimonials from our satisfied customers:

“When I saw this item I was very intrigued so I went ahead and decided to give it a try. And wow, best decision I’ve ever made ordering off of qvc! I opted for the combo box to try both flavors offered and both tasted great! Bacon was cooked perfectly and the chocolate was very high quality. To anyone curious or iffy about this product, it definitely lives up to the hype. I will definitely be ordering again very soon. Thanks again Oinks for such a great product!!!”


“My friends have been hounding me to buy more of this. I want to keep being the neighborhood hero so I haven’t told them I found this on QVC.”

Burlington Virginia

“I bought both flavors to use as stocking stuffers for my friends and family for Christmas. This was a huge hit! Everyone thought it was a delicious new way to eat bacon. Keep it coming Oinks!”

Fudge Queen

“I do believe I have just found the greatest snack ever created in the history of humankind! I now need an entire LITERAL truckload of these! Ha ha 😀”

Daniel, Colorado

Genesee Candy Land is Wonderful to Work With

“My name is Bradley Haile and I am with Ranglers Convenience Stores Inc. We have a chain of five stores located in central Texas. We are in rural communities, but are on heavily traveled highways.

“As any business does, we are constantly looking for new products to add to our revenue stream. Genesee Candyland’s chocolate dipped bacon is one of those items. It is a great impulse product. Some customers buy it because it sounds good. Others purchase it because it seems weird. Either way, we have added to a sale. It also gives our employees something fun to up sale. Plus, we make a fifty percent margin, which is important in the industry.

“On top of having a great product, Genesee Candyland is wonderful to work with! Every time I call, they are super friendly and prompt to send my order. Often, we receive our order the next day or at latest within three days. Also, everything we have received is packed well, with bubble wrap and freezer packs. They will also suggest new products and placement of certain products in your business.

“I strongly recommend doing business with Genesee Candyland, you will not be disappointed.”

–Bradley Haile, Ranglers Convenience Stores Inc.

To Future Customers of Genesee Candy Land

“WOW, Thick Cut, Applewood Smoked, Chocolate Covered Bacon; did you ever think you would see such an exciting new product enter the market place?

“Everyone we show the cc bacon to has a comment or two about it. Many have seen it on the food channels and were glad to finally see it and taste it. Also, as we show it to our customers in stores their customers get involved with comments and the excitement erupts. That is what drives me in this business (the first to have new, cutting edge & innovative products).

“Now, for the few who seem not to understand the chocolate covered phenomenon. We tell them that it is the similar to when you are eating breakfast and the pancake syrup runs onto the bacon, is your first instinct to not eat the bacon. No of course not, we think about how good that sweet and salty thing is going to explode on our taste buds. Well, same thing here, simply replace the syrup with creamy sweet chocolate. They always say, yep makes sense.

“Second most important factor after quality and taste is pricing. Mrs. Lorri has stepped up and has priced the cc bacon so competitively in my opinion, that everyone that touches the product makes healthy margins.

“To Ms. Lorri Alden at Genesee Candy Land, thank you for your investment of time, effort and courage to make Chocolate Covered Bacon a quality winner and a reality.”

–Ruffino Whsl Distribution,